Noted Deity Says “Fuck Off” to Women in Alabama, According to Governor

Look, I’m in a shitty mood. This has been one of those days where I have to quickly drop my naivete and happy thoughts about the world. It’s dumb because I know I’m naive. I crack jokes on Twitter. (And by the way, this is far from exclusively related to this matter. Or else I would just be writing in righteous anger.) This will be short because expletives are what I’m going for. This also isn’t funny, although that hasn’t been the case for anything so far.

You know what? Fuck it. Here’s our governor saying “Fuck you” to the women of my home state. Err, excuse me, here is the governor invoking God and letting him be the one who says “Fuck you” to the women of my home state:

Speaking at an anti-choice rally, he told the attendees he couldn’t wait to sign the bill into law. “We need to remember we are dealing with human life and this is what God expects us to do,” Governor Bentley declared, according to the Associated Press. “I can assure you, if it comes to me, I will sign it.”

Here’s some people that would kindly say “Fuck you” to the TRAP bill:


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