First Drafts

Much of this site is obviously devoted to issues (with a z or something), but I feel like I want to look inward to why I do this. During the time this blog has been active, I have been in a creative writing class. I find this probably too interesting and don’t expect people to get personally attached to that. But my writing has evolved with how I feel. I think about being a flawed person, at points. A lot of the pieces on Boner Lulz come from first drafts and they might read like stream of consciousness. I don’t know any other way to respond than to just vent or gush, context be damned. This is informal stuff. This is the first draft of the manifesto I’ve written for this class, but moreover, I’m going to be revising this. I’m curious to see where the final product ends up.

I always have a difficult time writing about why I write without sounding like a colossal asshole. So I apologize if I come off like that. I don’t think I ever started writing because of any great impetus, only that athletics and other general school things were always out of the question. My favorite writer is Chuck Klosterman because he has this weird tendency to change his point from something about say football to a discussion on culture within an essay. This has gotten me in trouble during actual academic writing, but it inspires the hell out of me.

I tend to place my manifesto as telling people that I “do writing.” Obviously, this is grammatically incorrect. No one, according to the sentence structure of English language, “does” writing. They write. But I don’t think there’s another way I really think about writing as a whole. And this isn’t to say I dislike writing, by the way, but that I feel that I avoid things that would clearly make me a better writer but also too much of a worker.

I detest revision. This draft is my first draft of this piece and it will be the last. Revision would make my work better, obviously. I think I trick myself into thinking that typing the last word is completion. I don’t recommend this style. I see that people come off way better by editing. But I can’t prove this. I’ve never seen where I feel my thoughts would be more succinct. It’s a weird complex, very much like writing in the first place.

I was a silent kid, very much of the introverted world. I dug into video games and doing things like organizing a videotape collection when everything else around me was on the floor. This is how I write. I feel a bit guilty when someone tells me that I have a wonderful concept for a piece, but that the actual execution is all over the place. I procrastinate and I’m very guilty of creating my own problems in a college environment. I am a contradiction. I need deadlines to finish a thing, but I detest those deadlines all the same.


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