Don Cherry Says Some Shit

“I don’t believe women should be in the male dressing room.”

— Don Cherry, April 27, 2013, Hockey Night in Canada

File this under the obvious shit is obvious camp that Don Cherry, noted old institution in Canadian hockey lore, more or less doesn’t want female reporters to do their job because of some myth about dude testosterone or some archaic belief. This is a dumb belief to have and certainly being 79 years old is no excuse but this type of offhand idiocy is almost expected from the older set of commentators.

So I’m going to give Don Cherry some important things to add to his assessment:

— If women are allowed to use the internet, how will men be able to function? We will simply be too distracted by women to ever work on important things again.
— Why are women allowed to report? What if men accidentally give a quote they didn’t mean because they were simply too turned on at the time? What an inconvenience!
— If the pinkos are allowed to take over, then herp derp communism. (Shoutout for Don Cherry Wiki fans.)

I could go on, but here’s the real breaks: Cherry, while known for his rash of ridiculous as hell statements, will barely get touched for this opinion. It doesn’t even compare in the mainstream eye to his use of “pinko” or his ethnic comments in the eyes of a Wikipedia page or elsewhere. This will not suddenly break him as an employee. Yet this comment, or at least the implications therein, is baffling and stupid. Female journalists are essentially left out in the cold because of the “boys will be boys” mindset. I don’t need to tell you that this is a tacit fortification of rape culture. In fact, I don’t need to tell you that this is anything other than incredible stupidity from an old fella. So let’s leave it at that.


One comment

  1. Bonerz

    Out of curiosity, what experience do you have in college/pro post-game locker rooms? It’s great that you want to defend women’s rights. It’s a shame the most post-game interviews happen in the locker room. In the modern media age we live in, NO MEDIA belong in the locker room, especially members of the opposite sex.

    Please. Get over yourself in the issue.

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