EVERY DAY A STAR IS BORN: Wendy Davis Edition

A few days ago, when the whole situation with SB5 happened in the Texas House, I was immediately discouraged. It was cool that there was a definite public presence, but I couldn’t help but realize that the government was going to do what they can to subvert thousands of women protesting in their chambers. It also was the most basic thing that people could not get right. Protecting women’s bodies was a thing that somehow the government could not get right. That in itself is deeply saddening.

I wasn’t in on the ground floor on Wendy Davis’ filibuster. I didn’t hear about it until late last night, as I napped away almost the entirety of the day. I didn’t even tune in to the stream of her efforts until 11:30 PM Central. I’m not even certain I’ve ever heard her voice. And yet, she is immediately the biggest inspiration that I can remember in a long time.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to feel energized as a feminist. It is the small things, like when Ellen Page uses an AMA on Reddit to discuss the positives of feminist pornography or when a state senator uses her means to fight for what is right, time and bodily functions be damned. Applaud ’em. Thanks for being badass in levels I cannot even comprehend at 1:17 AM Central time. It doesn’t matter how fucking dumb the legislature is, or how easily they’ve violated a set rule. What matters is that there are still badasses out there.



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