Hi. So, lemme explain myself and this for a minute. The title is a goof because I am a goof. Yes, this will be about male things that are rather stupid. I will mock them. I should say that I am white and male, so these will stay within gender lines. I do not want to speak for other races and cultures except for on the base front of “yo, that’s kind of gross, dude.” That’s it.

I also kind of wanted to mock the hell out of those who purport to be for men’s rights because, umm, being male (as well as white, but this doesn’t apply to all men, obviously) holds more advantages than disadvantages in comparison to females. Thus, I tend to find feminism’s aims and even its flawed areas to be more worth a look versus men who tend to write about men’s rights in a manner to say “Why don’t feminists understand me?” This is commentary on the type of commentary that happens when gamers get upset that Anita Sarkeesian gets money on Kickstarter and yet never mention the many times Kickstarter programs run by men never produce the projects promised.

Also dick jokes.


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